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Yale University
New Haven, CT

The Yale Public Health Coalition works to promote public health awareness, education and service in the Yale and New Haven communities

Majors & Programs

Yale University has programs, majors, and classes dedicated to the study of health. For a listing of this term's classes related to public health, click here.


Yale School of Public Health Combined BA-BS/MPH Program
The BA-BS/MPH Program in Public Health offers Yale College students interested in the field of public health the opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s degree from Yale College and an MPH degree from the Yale School of Public Health in a five-year joint program. The program provides students the opportunity to translate classroom knowledge into real-world contexts. The program includes specializations in biostatistics, chronic disease epidemiology, environmental health sciences, epidemiology of microbial diseases, global health, health policy and management, regulatory affairs, and social and behavioral sciences.

Yale Global Health Studies Program

The Global Health Studies (GHS) program at Yale University is designed for students interested in understanding and addressing pressing global health challenges. Although courses in global health are open to all undergraduates, students desiring greater depth in the field are encouraged to apply to be a Global Health Fellow. Global Health Fellows are generally selected in the fall of their sophomore year, although in exceptional cases juniors may also be accepted. Visit the website here: 

The Yale Global Health Leadership Institute
The Yale Global Health Leadership Institute develops leadership through education and research programs that strengthen health systems and promote health equity and quality of care. With the goal to create and sustain synergies in global health research, education and practice from departments throughout Yale, the Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) is comprised of faculty, staff and affiliated faculty from diverse specialty areas to confront global health issues with a multidisciplinary approach.  Leadership and management experts, cardiologists, nurses, obstetricians, pediatricians, researchers, lawyers, economists, financial specialists, statisticians and more work together to achieve comprehensive solutions for projects both in the U.S. and around the world.


Yale offers several majors that are either health/medicine oriented, or contain “tracks” in which students can focus on health. Some of these majors require students to complete classes that are required for the admission into medical school. The e-mail addresses for the directors of undergraduate study for each of the departments is included below the major.

Anthropology (BA, track in medical/biological anthropology)

Biomedical Engineering (BS) (pre-med requirements)

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (BA or BS) (pre-med requirements)

Economics (BA, focus on health economics)

Global Affairs (BA, international development track)

History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health (BA)

Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (BA or BS) (pre-med requirements)

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (BA or BS) (pre-med requirements)

Sociology (BA, can be combined with another subject)

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies (BA, offers concentrations in many health disciplines)